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License for companies with annual revenues above $ 1,000,000. Unlimited use. Source code included.

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Verge3D Enterprise is a license for companies/organizations with annual revenues/budgets above $ 1,000,000.

The Enterprise edition includes the full source code of the engine and allows you for unlimited installations within your company. This means that the number of developers who can use Verge3D in your company is not restricted.

The Enterprise License also allows for modifications and customizations, such as adding your own blocks to Puzzles. Having the source code in your possession is also beneficial as your developers can review the framework internals to ensure security and robustness for your Verge3D-based products.

By acquiring this license you also obtain the access to Verge3D Network, a distributed hosting and sharing platform. We provide 10Gb of storage space and 10Gb of monthly traffic for free. Verge3D apps can be self-hosted as well.

Apart from this one-time license fee, there are no any additional per-customers charges. The license includes maintenance updates throughout the year, the subscription for which can be optionally prolonged for reduced price. You can familiarize yourself with the terms of the Verge3D EULA here.

After completing your order, the license key information will be sent to you in a email. The source code bundle will become available in the download section of your account dashboard.

1 review for Verge3D for Blender: Enterprise License

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    jem (verified owner)

    Verge3D is a solution for creating rich 3D web experiences without the need for deep web development skills.

    I have worked with several 3D web frameworks. They all have their own quirks and limitations. Compared to the other solutions, this is why I enjoy working with Verge3D:

    Verge3D supports open tools and standards. The scene authoring component of Verge3D is available as an extension for Blender and, soon, for 3D Studio. These are industry standard tools. My team and I have experience with these tools and it is easy to find additional talent to work with Blender and 3D Studio.

    Rather than develop and maintain yet another 3D web development library, scenes authored in Verge3D take advantage of the three.js project. Three is very popular cross-browser WebGL environment. Use of Three ensures robust support across modern web browsers. Also, the Verge3D solution allows access to the Three API. This gives our development team deeper access to a 3D scene if we need it.

    Verge3D uses the new open standard GLTF 3D content delivery format rather than a proprietary closed standard that competing solutions use. As more and more content creation tools and end points move to GLTF, solutions that support this standard will become more valuable. Verge3D supports it today.

    Verge3D is lightweight. A scene boots quickly and minimal data is dragged across the wire. This is critical for a creating great user experience. This is not true of all solutions in this space.

    The puzzles feature allows me to implement business logic into my scene without the need to write code. The puzzle feature is built on well-known standards and there are many tutorials available on the web about its use. This helps me get my team up and running on this technology as quickly as possible.

    The Soft8soft company is very responsive and communicative. I have had technical questions about Verge3D and they have been answered promptly. The team at Soft8soft has even proactively contacted me when they thought that a new Verge3D feature would help me with one of my projects.

    …and that leads me to my last point. Soft8soft is rapidly iterating the Verge3D solution. At the time of writing, the Soft8soft solution is only a few months old, but the Soft8soft has already released three builds of their solution. Each new release has been packed with new and valuable features.

    In conclusion, I highly recommend Verge3D and the Soft8soft team.

    Thank you for your consideration,

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