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Verge3D for Blender: Freelance License
(7 customer reviews)


License for freelancers or sole proprietorships.

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Verge3D is the most artist-friendly toolkit for creating interactive web-based experiences. It features a comprehensive integration with Blender 3.0-4.1, a physically-based rendering pipeline, support for native materials and animation. Interactivity is enabled with Puzzles, an intuitive and easy-to-learn visual scripting environment.

Verge3D content can be deployed on your own web servers, shared on social media or uploaded to the distributed hosting platform called Verge3D Network.

Verge3D Freelance is an affordable license for freelancers and sole proprietorships.

The benefits of the Freelance package include:

  • Maintenance period for one year since the moment of purchase that includes regular updates and bug fixes.
  • Access to Verge3D Network. We provide 10Gb of storage space and 10Gb of monthly traffic for free.

Beware, this license is for freelancers or sole proprietorships only! If you are employed in some company, consider purchasing the Team or Enterprise license instead.

You can familiarize yourself with the terms of the Verge3D EULA in more detail here. After completing your order, the license key information will be sent to you in an email.

7 reviews for Verge3D for Blender: Freelance License

  1. Will Welker

    When it comes to 3D web development, I think our options are very limited. A vast industry has grown up around a 2D internet. At this point, very few web developers are using any kind of 3D authoring software to build websites or web apps. There are some great 3D WebGL based JavaScript platforms but they are only accessible to programmers. There are also some good 3D model hosting platforms that allow direct upload of a simple model but they are very limited in what you can do with your scene. With Verge3D, an artist can export their scene from Blender (more platforms coming) to the three.js engine with no coding required.
    I chose Verge3D for the following reasons:

    Export your scene directly from Blender to HTML
    Utilizes the already powerful three.js engine
    Visual coding blocks for basic app logic
    Unlimited JavaScript coding with the three.js library
    No licensing requirements to deploy your app to a client’s site
    Builds full featured, interactive web applications

    While still in its early production, with the latest release, Verge3D has reached a point that I am able to start work on production level projects.
    Have a look at a recent video introduction I did on this platform.
    Verge3DIntro Video

    To give you an idea what the Puzzle logic is capable of, here is part of a real project I am working on:

  2. Aubrey Smith (verified owner)

    I have not been this excited about 3d on the web since the original web3d boom 15 years ago when I developed on Cult3d!! It’s sad that it has taken this long to find something that is worthy to bring it into the modern age and definitely think this tool is feature rich, powerful and of the quality to bring this into fruition.
    Good on you guys and please keep up the awesome work!

  3. mfhengineering (verified owner)

    As a 3D artist and non-programmer, I did wait already 5 years for an app like this, so I was very happy to find the Verge3D solution last month. (thanks to http://www.blendernation.com)
    At the moment I embed 3D sketchfab-models to web-shops and I think Verge3D will be a big advantage here.
    My first test project went very well, the software is well integrated into Blender and the support of Verge3D was great! Helpful answers from Yuri and Mikhail and a very quick response!

    The next step for me is product price calculation and a good integration with standard web-shop software.
    I can’t wait!

    My first verge3D test project: link.

  4. nikesptg

    I want to say HUGE THANKS to the Kovelenov bros. who made this awesome product !!!

    Being an English language teacher and tech-hobbyist I love to play with Blender and 3D modeling to bring something new to my students. However, all my models were passive (I cannot code, I don’t know any programming language and i don’t have time to learn). Students couldn’t interact with my models and it was killing the whole idea of learning. Learning must be active! Better – INTER-active….

    So, when I saw a promo video about Verge3D, i immediately got that it is a game-changer. Now I don’t have to waste years of my life to make what I want. I can do it myself! Wow! That’s totally awesome….
    Having V3D I have already built this: link

    my students love it and I have so much more in my mind :)

    again – I just love it and I am sure that V3D has a big future (spreadig the word by any available means :) )
    Huge thanks again and good luck to all the team!!!

  5. rhenriques (verified owner)

    Despite working in 3D in the last 20 years, I’ve only recently started looking for solutions to deliver interactive 3D content on the internet. There are some online service solutions but require subscription and the possibility of development is very limited. For educational solutions, for example, this type of services is not at all interesting. Recently, when I was looking for a flexible and practical 3D development solution for the internet, I found Verge 3D. I had tested a previous solution, also developed by the Kovelenov brothers and when I was still trying to learn how to work with this solution, I realized that both had started this new Verge 3D project. I tested the demo version and quickly realized the potential that this application offers. Not being a programmer, it is impressive how quickly a user can take advantage of this application to make interesting and functional content. Apart from the potential of the application, associated with a free source solution (Blender), there is also a very active development team, always ready to help users. This application is clearly paving the way for the future of the future, where interactive 3D content will become increasingly relevant. The choice of the use of the system of puzzles puts in the hands of users without great experience of programming a professional capacity of creation. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

  6. PD (verified owner)

    Amazing product with amazing Staff!

    As a 3D Blender artist using the Verge3D integration it has allowed me the flexibility and edge that I was looking for as an artist! There is no limit as to what you can achieve using this product. However if for some reason you become stuck, have no worries the great staff at Soft8Soft will put you on the right track!

    I highly recommend this product to any 3D artist looking to take their work to the next level!

  7. roybell (verified owner)

    I’m really happy to have found a product that can allow me to develop my 3dweb applications in a simple way (thanks to puzzles). Now I have to study, but I know that behind verge3d there is a great team! Thank you!

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