Verge3D 2.11.1 Hotfix Available

This update offers a workaround for the critical bug introduced in Google Chrome 73.

The browser update broke WebGL floating point textures and caused blackout rendering affecting many Verge3D applications running on Windows.

Due to unprecedented nature of this issue, we did our best to deliver a workaround as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience that this problem might have caused to your business.

Also, this Verge3D version contains some undergoing improvements, including:

  • Blender 2.8 Texture Noise node now offers Falloff Factor and Strength Factor parameters for better control over generated noise pattern.
  • Supported Square Root, Floor, Ceil, and Arctan2 operations in the Math node.
  • Fixed issue with movement speed affecting rotation on mobile devices.
  • HTML event puzzle now offers input and change events for handling input elements.

We urge you to download the 2.11.1 hotfix and perform updating of your applications.

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2 thoughts on “Verge3D 2.11.1 Hotfix Available

  • Isn’t it sad that a bug in Chrome needs a workaround in WebGL applications… But that is how things work in a complex system. It is more of a wonder that it works than that it (sometimes) doesn’t work. I personally use Firefox more than Chrome and FireFox has no problems so I wouldn’t have noticed the problem if I wasn’t informed. Hurray for the workarounds, the extra features and thank you for reacting so quickly and informing us about it.

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