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Woocommerce Puzzle configuration

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    Hi all.
    I want to ask: How to configurate the Woocommerce Puzzle to make show or hide elements of a 3D model?
    Let me explain: the product is a bed. And the bed has the possibility of choosing between types of legs, lighting, pendant, an additional drawer, etc. It would be to show or hide those elements according to the selection in Woocommerce.
    I followed the tutorial that you have on Youtube with the spinner and assigning materials works very well. But I have tried with the show and hide puzzles but they don’t work as I would like.
    How to configure that puzzle to show or hide objects?

    Thank you.


    Hi, you should show/hide the objects according to the configuration you receive from WooCommerce. This is quite similar to changing materials on the models.

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    Hi Alexander. Thanks for answer.
    So I must declare with the puzzle when clicked-do as I do with the materials?
    So how should I program the Woocommerce puzzle to work with the variations?
    In the attached image I show you how I have configured the Woocommerce puzzle now.

    Thank you very match.

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    Please. Help me with this. I probed many thing but don’t work. :cry:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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