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WebGL configurator overlaps scenes when switching one to another

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    Hello everyone!

    I have created a webGL configurator where there’s a main scene (a house) and elements that can be applied on the house’s surfaces (windowsills, window frames..).

    Sometimes switching from one element to another of the same category, instead of replacing the object, it overlaps on the current one in the main scene.

    I’ve exported from Blender scenes with .gltf for Verge3D export format, the material applied on these elements is the default one generated from Blender.


    Tnx in advance for anyone’s help!


    can you please elaborate a bit what is exactly wrong with it? Do you mean there is a flickering after you select another element?

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    I mean that when the user select another object to replace the one in the current scene, instead of replacing it, get overlapped by the last selected one.

    For example if there’s the windowsill A placed in the scene, when i select the windowsill B, windowsill B overlap windowsill A.



    you can either hide an old element, or unload it.

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    Hi Yuri!

    Every scene/.gltf is on click loaded. I’ve used the same for loop jewerly configurator project. (See the attachment)

    Every time the user click on a button the .gltf in the current scene is unloaded and replaced by the selected one.

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    I think this loop doesn’t work

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    The problem was that the array list was too short!

    Tnx everyone! :bye:

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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