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Warning, excedeed Ctrl+ Z deletes variables in puzzle!

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    Warning, this has driven me crazy in the last few days!

    If you have many variables in use in your Puzzle and you happen to execute several “ctrl + z” before saving the project, if the number of times you perform Ctrl + Z is greater than the stored stack of Verge3D actions, then variables will start to disappear and if, like me, at the end of Ctrl + Z you save the project, you will end up with a project that is not working as there will be as many variables loss as there are controlZs executed in excess of the program stack

    Windows 10 64 bit
    I dont’ try for apple system


    I have to add some details on this.

    If variables are present and used in the Main Tab and you are in another tab and do a lot of “ctrl + z”, this happens. You go back to the Main tab and you will verify that the variables have disappeared from the puzzles where they were located, and have completely disappeared from the whole project.


    Thanks for reporting this issue. We’ll take a look!

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    We managed to track this issue down and will make a fix in the next verge3d update. Thanks for the report!

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    Do the variable puzzles just show empty. Spaces where they were used? (I’m assuming this is the case)


    Well Ivan,

    thank a lot!

    Have a great 2021 to all staff!!

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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