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    Pushing this issue again.

    I’ve made some progress and it seems that its is related to the connection speed. I managed to simulate this with the chrome developer console and limit the network speed to simulate a mobile connection.

    The browser seems to load only a few bytes of the webGL videos and then stops when I’m loading the scene. He then loads further when I start the video, but because it wasnt “fully” loaded in the first place I get a black screen and webGL errors.

    So does someone know how I could overcome that behaviour and tell the browser to load the video fully in the background? Maybe when I activate the autoplay feature for the loadvideo puzzle?


    found some info on this here – this may help!

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    Thx for the link, I already had a look at this.

    I think I’ve fixed the issue for now, with just the “autoplay” attribute. Locally on chrome with simulated 3G connection, I could get it load the full video this way.

    Hope that this will also work on iOS devices.


    Hello @Yuri
    First I salut you for this Awesome app , keep up good work

    Issue :
    I have created a project that includes Short video inside node texture, All works fine on Laptops BUT… the video doesn’t load on Iphones and new android ! it does work on my old android phone which is definitely not something related to memory but probably to new Version of IOS and Andro , Would you please investigate that ?

    link to my project



Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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