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Verge3D 3.8 pre2 available!

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    The 2nd preview build for Verge3D 3.8 is out! It brings AR for iOS using USDZ, support for Object Info node in Blender, the global illumination demo for 3ds Max, and dozen new nodes for Maya. Check it out:

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    Augmented reality on iOS via USDZ

    At the moment, the browser WebXR technology is only available in Chrome for Android, with Apple still working on bringing it to mobile Safari. However, Apple also offers its own way to web-based AR using Pixar Universal Scene Description (USD) format, even if lacks interactivity of WebXR.

    In this update we managed to implement a run-time exporter to compressed .usdz format with Puzzles.

    As a corollary to that, it is now possible to create AR content for iOS thanks to the following simple procedure: first, export to USDZ, and then, replace the link for your “Enter AR” button.

    For best results, we recommend using glTF-compatible materials. We have updated our Augmented Reality example to work on iOS. Check it out on your iPhone or iPad: link.


    More settings are now supported for the Copy Location constraint: Axis, Invert, Offset, and Influence. Thanks for the suggestion and sorry for the delayed response.

    The node Object Info is now supported by Verge3D. With it, you can use only one material for multiple objects – e.g., using objects’ vertex colors for painting them.

    3ds Max-specific

    For this update we supported a bunch of new nodes: Checkerboard, Image, Two Sided, Float To Int, Float To Matrix, Float To RGBA, RGB To Vector, RGBA To Float, Vector To RGB, Shuffle, Clamp, Color Convert, Color Correct, Range, Float To RGB, and RGB To Float.

    The Global Illumination demo that features light probes introduced in version 3.7, is now available in the Verge3D distribution. Check it out live: link. We also fixed an issue with importing scenes containing a Reflection CubeMap object.


    For this update we support a bunch of new nodes: aiFloatToInt, aiFloatToMatrix, aiFloatToRgba, aiRgbToVector, aiRgbaToFloat, aiVectorToRgb, aiClamp, aiColorConvert, aiComposite, aiRange, aiColorCorrect, and aiShuffle.

    We fixed an issue with importing scenes containing a Reflection CubeMap object (used for light probes). We also fixed the export crash occurred when using name spaces.

    Other improvements

    We synchronized Verge3D with the underlying Three.js library (r130). Major changes in the code base include:

    • JS API for multiple render targets (MRT);
    • support for realistic transmission in MeshPhysicalMaterial;
    • support for WebXR layers to allow compositing between AR/VR scenes;
    • improved performance for multi-shader materials.

    All programming API in v3d.module.js are now class-based.

    We fixed the performance regression in download file puzzle. Thanks for the report.

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    As usual, you can grab the preview bundle from the downloads page!

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter


    AR on iOS works in Safari, not Chrome ?

    The “enter AR” button does not work in chrome.

    "1+1=3... for large values of 1"


    Unfortunately no. This is Apple’s proprietary technology which only works in their own Safari browser. :unsure:

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    Below sea level: 52.213545 Lat, 4.422061 Long


    so true! :)

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    I found a strange bug with version 3.8.
    I’ve got two gltfs, one is loading as default and the second is getting loaded via appendScene puzzle.

    For simplicity I call it gltf01 and gltf02. When I load gltf01 first and then append gltf02. The loading of gltf02 is taking really long, I could see that percentage is rising quickly to 60% and then from 60% to 100% its taking about 1minute. Now comes the really strange part, when I load gtlf02 at first and then append gltf01, its working like it should be. Initial load takes a few seconds and append also.

    For testing I switched back to version 3.7.1 and there everything is loading normally, no matter what procedure of loading I choose. So it has something todo with the 3.8 version.

    If I can do anything to help you debugging it, just tell me :)


    Hi @web,
    Thanks for reporting this issue! It would be really nice to see that gltf01 and gltf02 files, so we could debug this issue further.

    Soft8Soft Tech Chief
    X | FB | LinkedIn


    I can share the files with you, but sadly not here in public. I will write you a mail.


    wow, the runtime usdz export mustve been quite the challenge.
    also, the object node will be useful!
    nice update.


    Dear Verge3D friends.
    Can I do like this:
    First, export to USDZ, and then, replace the link for <an object>?

    Thank you.

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