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Verge3D 3.3 pre1 available!

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    Yuri KovelenovYuri Kovelenov

    We are announcing a new release cycle! Version 3.3 will be focused on performance, usability, and more features! See what is expected to be included in Verge3D below:

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    Yuri KovelenovYuri Kovelenov

    Loading Time

    For this release we addressed user concerns regarding the loading speed of their applications. As such, we performed a series of optimizations for shader compilation, which is often the bottleneck for loading.

    Particularly, we optimized the shader that represents the environment lighting, as well as the shaders that relate to real-time shadows.

    As a result, we managed to speed up the compilation stage by 100% for scenes with many shaders (such as Scooter etc).

    These optimizations also improved the performance on low-end hardware a bit.

    Canvas Textures

    The HTML canvas can now be used as material texture. A <canvas> element can be created using the newly introduced HTML puzzle create canvas elem, and assigned as material texture as usual, i.e. with the replace texture puzzle.

    Once created, the canvas becomes available for drawing on it via JavaScript. You can update the canvas inside the runCode() function of your_app_name.js module. To do this, retrieve the canvas texture by its ID specified in the puzzle:

    After that, you can access the HTML canvas element as follows:

    You can use the standard methods available for drawing on the HTML canvas. For example, the following listing draws a blue smiling face on white background:

    Finally, if you’d like the updates to become immediately visible in the 3D rendering, you should mark the canvas texture as dynamic:


    We reviewed all Eevee nodes with the purpose of updating the documentation, and fixed some issues discovered in the process:

    • Fixed minor shading issues with Glass BSDF node.
    • Hue/Saturation node now properly works with settings > 1 or < 0.
    • Non-uniform scale is now supported for the Mapping node.
    • Clamp node now works properly when Min value exceeds the Max value.


    Some settings of the Matte/Shadow material requested on the forums were implemented in Verge3D.


    We supported colorComposite and floatComposite nodes for this update. These nodes can be used to mix the occlusion map in materials.

    We also added Verge3D’s Anisotropic Filtering setting for textures.

    maya anisotropic filtering settings

    Other improvements

    The JavaScript method Geometry.fromBufferGeometry() now properly works with vertex colors.

    The puzzle get object transform now have an option to retrieve all 3 coordinates as a list.

    This option can be useful for providing its output directly to Vector puzzles.

    We fixed the flipping issue with the create environment puzzle reported on the forums.

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    3D Verger, the CEO
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    Yuri KovelenovYuri Kovelenov

    Grab the preview build from the downloads page and see how it works for you!

    3D Verger, the CEO
    LinkedIn | FB | Twitter | VK | 新浪微博


    :yahoo: :yahoo:


    Thx you very much for the new release.

    I’ve just tested it with my current application an couldnt find any issues or bugs so far.

    Sadly for me there was no improvement in loading time. For me the scene loading time went up for 100ms.

    Scene loading time in 3.2 – 4229ms
    Scene loading time in 3.3pre1 – 4368ms

    Scene stats:
    Render calls: 578
    Triangles: 233235
    Geometry buffers: 579
    Lights: 4
    Textures & Render buffers: 11


    Re: the new canvas puzzle,
    I’ve got a draggable control panel that is its own iframe using jquery.

    The content (controls) in the panel are. Made in Adobe Animate using html5 canvas.

    If I wanted to have that content on a 3D object panel in verge3D instead of the external iframe, would the interactive elements in it (custom sliders & buttons) still be accessible by using the canvas puzzle?

    Asking here before I go on a wild goose chase with no results.


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