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    I am having an issue with 3DS Max Groups. The groups work in Max but in Verge3D, when selecting using the Group selection, it does not select all the elements in the group, mostly the first member and sometimes the second but not all of the elements in the 3DS Max group? Any ideas on what is going on?

    Yuri KovelenovYuri Kovelenov

    Can you share a small project that shows off the issue?

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    Small project attached – the model was file linked from AutoCAD and imported. I set up the 3ds Max 2020 groups but the puzzle group selection only acts on the first element of the group?

    Just updated it to 3.1.1 also added a puzzle to sow the issue



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    Thanks for the project! I’ve checked your Max file. The issue is that the objects inside your groups have the same name (e.g Block:joist), which in turn prevents Puzzles to get all the requested objects from the group. This is a common issue with Autocad-based assets. To fix the issue, simply rename your objects.

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    Hi Alexander
    Make sense, thanks for the help. :yahoo:
    Cheers Kerry


    Further to this, renaming the objects in our AutoCAD/Revit workflows is a complex process for our workflow. There are often over a 100 objects in the models and we use nested hierarchies to manage the grouping to allow us to quickly update models. If I select a block object in Verge 3D, I can move it, remove it- with all of its nested items, but I cannot hide the same object?

    I do have a work around by scaling the object to 0.01 0.01 0.01 and it disappears, setting it back to 100 100 100 makes it visible.

    Cheers Kerry

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