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Verge3D limits — Dynamically update geometry metrics

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    I am looking for some advice to see if Blender>Verge3D is the best approach for building modular type product configurators.

    I am hoping to be able to make modifications dynamically, as opposed to having pre-canned adjustments like changing the colour or material of a chair, for example.

    I’ve made a diagram so I can visually support what I’m trying to describe.
    I’ll be using this product — a wooden pegboard shelf as an example.

    Step 1) Change dimensions — Height & width
    Step 2) Change material — Plywood, Vaneer etc textures/colour
    Step 3) Add drill pattern at a global scope —Pattern would need to ’tile’ to dimensions
    Step 4) Ability to edit & split layout at a local/section scope —’tiling’ would need to adjust based on defined minimums dynamically. Be able to change each section to a set of product-related patterns.
    Step 5) Increase/decrease margins
    Step 6) Change the density of the pattern; maybe think of this as padding.
    Step 7) Finally add shelves or objects for display mockup.

    Diagram: https://jmp.sh/X132dgX

    Here is an example of a configurator that makes similar modifications dynamically

    Are these functions and modifications achievable using Blender & Verge3D?
    Any advice on how to approach something like this is appreciated!

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    Yuri KovelenovYuri Kovelenov


    Yes this all can be done with Verge3D. The closest example is this I think:
    Custom Plywood Desks

    Since you need to change the meshes dynamically, then I’d suggest looking at Verge3D demo called Parametric Models, there shape keys are employed for this purpose. Changing materials is straightforward – you can swap textures, modify colors or assign entirely new materials.

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    Hi Yuri

    Thanks for your response, I’m glad it’s all possible with Verge.

    The example looks like its integrated into Shopify, while it runs okay there are some minor delays I noticed.

    If the end goal was to produce a quote only, and I integrated Verge3D into a single page Vue.js app, is this going to have greater optimization and load time benefits?

    Thank you!

    Yuri KovelenovYuri Kovelenov

    yeah, it would be a more compact app that would likely load and work faster!

    3D Verger, the CEO
    LinkedIn | FB | Twitter | VK | 新浪微博


    Thanks Yuri!


    Where’s the ‘like’ button here??

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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