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Superb creation & same expected by verge in near future

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    We talk about objects in scene & optimizing them to make scene lighter.

    I just noticed that there has been really an intense work done by artists & the result is awesome.

    The virtual jungle scene is created with 1,500 trees, over 100 rocks, more than 1,500 stones, and more than 10,000 loose leaves to create a vivid and appealing copy of the Black Forest.

    URL – https://www.keller-buersten.de/showroom/?lang=de

    I hope in near future Verge will also have better capabilities for such type of amazing work.

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    I believe this is all done using walk.min JS so you could incorporate this into V3D without any issue. Search the following string and you will find all the details needed. “WALK.MIN JS”

    What I find interesting about this is the use of Basis to compress the images.

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    The graphics are rendered with Three.js, which Verge3D is based on, so I guess all this is already possible (and more).
    If you have too many objects you can batch them for better performance. The cursor can be positioned with raycast, the camera is tweened to the new position, etc. But yeah, I would be glad to see such scenes made with Verge3D. :good:

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    Also, making this with Verge3D would be much cheaper than having to maintain an additional Three.js programmer every month ;-)

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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