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Stop animate param – Bug

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    Wasn’t an easy bug to isolate as it appears a console log can trigger this error.

    If I disable the console log AFTER the ‘stop animate param’ puzzle, no error and seems to run fine.

    I am using Version: 4.3.0

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    considering the stop animate is supposed to be inside the animate parameter puzzle.
    and your print console happens after the stop….try placing the print console before the stop.

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    That’s just a mistake in the puzzle’s code. This puzzle can be used only as the last element in the queue for now.

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    Lol.. thanks Xeon, I probably should have added some more context to my post.. Getting the console log to work wasn’t the issue.. Long story short, I had very complex setup that involved iterating input into the parameter fields. I assumed the error I was getting surely had something to do with that and not with the console.log tool I was using to try and diagnose where the error was being tripped.

    Took me all day to figure that out!.

    As KDV pointed out, its probably more of a behavior of the feature (ie killing the whole process) as opposed to any type of technical “bug”…. So I just posted to make note of the behavior so nobody else out there wastes a day like I did trying to figure it out!


    will look into this ASAP :yes:

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    Hi, the fix will be available in the upcoming Verge3D preview. Thanks for reporting!

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    Well no rush guys… easy issue to just avoid.

    My focus has mainly been on making sweet animations instead of stopping them so I haven’t ever done much with the stop param puzzle until yesterday. So much fun!

    I already created a play bar timeline with a playhead that moves along with animation that I can also grab to stop animation, and scrub it forward to advance it. Haven’t figured out getting it animate backwards yet?

    Any pointers there would be appreciated!! Thanks!


    I think reversed checkbox in this puzzles does what you need:
    play animation
    set animation speed

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    TY Nurgeldi but I am referring to the animate parameter puzzle that doesn’t have such an option.


    Fixed in Verge3D 4.4 pre3!

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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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