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    Hello, I try to set a realistic video projection which looks like a animated light beam from a spot. I tested already this code:, but I am absolutely not satisfied with that effect. With this example I can’t fake properly a light and material transparency. So I was thinking maybe, there is a way to set animated GIF or sprite(for 800frames??) and add it to the spot lamp to get lightning effect which also project proper a geometry on the topology of mesh. What do you think?

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    You can create a texture atlas of frames and animate it. You can put as much as you can frames as you want on such atlas, look ate the Industrial Robot demo for more informaton. Welding sparkls was made using this method.

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    aha, interesting, I made already such a texture atlas, I call it sprite, but I think, I can’t find a way to project that as light on the wall. I add screenshot from the project, you can see that the video in the corner, dosn’t look like a realistic light projection, I search for solution to add the sprite to the lamp, because that room corner hat advanced topology and this what I did is just a very bad fake.

    I found on playcanvas possibility to add an image to the spot but now just looking for possibility add a sprite.

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    I found possibility to project the animated video directly from spotlight. I have a script which is working on playcanvas:

    Is it possible to work with this script on verge3d?

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    I found this discussion on light cookies with three.js:
    Might be of some help.

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    :good: for me to difficult yet, but thank you so much for your fast response :rose:

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