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scroll animation in 3d max not working. It is impossible to create scroll

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    Try multiple different way to create the scroll animation sample that show on the your youtube (using blender) video. It does not work on 3d max camera setup.

    Not sure is verge3d (3d max) export function can not export the camera information correctly or not. I baked the camera animation in 3d max using the converting tool. The scroll animation lost the rotation information. The camera only create the pan motion without the rotation. I had been try all possible rig camera technique. Nothing work.
    This is what I have try.
    1. path constrain. 2. look at, and rotation constrain.3.attach third object to move the camera.

    is the same scroll animation done in 3d max with same technique ? please help

    Thank you.



    Simple keyframe animation on Free Camera must work, not the constraint.

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    It is good to know that the blender sample won’t work in the 3d max camera. So how can I create the sample experience in 3d max by using the plugin?

    I have been trying for few days. I even bring in blender camera in FBX format into 3d max. Still won’t work.
    I already try the free camera in 3d max. The rotation still not working. It only work on the position node. The rotation node get omitted.
    When I scroll the screen. The object immediately go away and never come back even you scroll up back.
    I use the animated scroll demo file in puzzle, just replace my camera name in the setting.
    I believe there is something not correct when export camera information.
    I just want to know do I missing something.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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