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    Hey guys,

    I did some AR (Augmented Reality) with Unity and vuforia, but that is a lot of effort and almost impossible with Apple. You can see the results here:

    Now I would of course love to do that with verge3D, but my projects don’t work on any devices. If anybody would make a comprehensive tutorial on AR with verge3D, that would be so awesome!



    but my projects don’t work on any devices

    does the stock AR example work for you?

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    Hey Yuri, thanks for your reply.
    The stock AR example works on my Android Phone (Sony Xperia – Android 9) and on my test IpadPro (iPadOS 15.2).

    But if I embed them into my webpage (http://www.cg-physics.org/index.php/de/ar) it only works with the ipad. On the adroid device it says: “AR unavailable, use supported device”

    But I’m already very happy that it kind of works on the Ipad :heart: , but still a long way to go, to actually change my blend-file and have them working in AR :cry:


    ok … I think I’m getting the hang of it (a little :yahoo: )
    So I will try to get better in this field and then if I feel save enough, I will make a nice tutorial. But if anybody wants to go ahead, please do :rose:

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    one moment – I think WebXR requires that all the web pages are served from the same domain. So you probably need to upload everything to your own server, rather than use Verge3D Network for the AR app. This might be the reason why you cannot run AR on Android. (On iOS is runs USDZ instead.)

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter


    Ah hey cool, that is a very usefull tipp! Then I will think about, how to best organize that.

    But it’s really a lot of fun, once it works, so thank you very much for providing everybody. :yahoo:

    Here is my fist example:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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