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Puzzles Not Displaying

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    All of a sudden I cannot view or interact with any of the puzzles in my app. I can view and interact with puzzles for all of the pre-loaded apps, but not the one that I built. Please help!

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    Update: when I load a backup xml file from the puzzles_backup folder, the puzzles display properly. The backup file is 2831 KB, which is only 8 KB smaller than the current version xml file (2839 KB).

    Could it really be the size of the file that is causing this issue?

    Not sure exactly what code I have added, so would prefer to not have to revert back to this old version. Also still concerned that this will happen again once the file size gets too large…


    Can you please attach the visual_logic.xml file that fails?

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    If you’ve changed things like the output type(s) or number of inputs in your custom puzzles, this kind of problem can occur.

    This is why i always save a copy of my plugins before changing them when they’re already being used.

    Try commenting out the instances of them in your in init.plug file.
    Then go and repair things. :good:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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