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Mesh disappears in verge3D after adding a new shapekey

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    After updating to 3.3 (blender), my mesh disappears in the V3d render after I simply add a new shape key. Could anything else be causing this? If I delete the shape key everything goes back to normal render.

    Update: reinstalled 3.2 and still the same, so it was not the update.
    *After going back to 3.3 I continued deleting shape key layers until it worked again. But it seems that I can only add 5 shape key layers. Each time I add a 6th I can only see the shadow. :unsure:

    Thanks, Rick


    Can you ahare a screensot of the console in browser?

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    Here’s both firefox and google. Yes, it looks like a limit of sorts. The last shape key 6 has no editing.( I only clicked the + )


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    Hi Rick,

    can you isolate this issue in a .blend file? we’d take a look.

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    I just emailed you the files with this forum title. Thank you for looking into this.

    If I unparent the armature, I can get more shape keys, but I am limited to just 5.

    Thanks, Rick


    Hi Rick,

    Unfortunately, that material cannot use more than 5 shape keys because it’s also used for a skinned mesh. The documentation here says about the limit of 6 shape keys, but in case of skinning or using certain nodes we can only support 5 while 6 will cause the error that you have right now.

    We’ll update the documentation to make it more clear how many shape keys you can use exactly depending on a particular material/mesh setup. We’ll also think about how to increase the amount of supported shape keys, but it’s not a high priority task for us right now.

    Co-founder and lead developer at Soft8Soft.


    hi Ivan,
    That makes perfect sense now. I can easily adjust to this, as it is way better than when Verge3d was first released, in that I can combine those two methods of animation now. Thank you guys for looking at this and giving further explanation. :good:

    Sincerely, Rick

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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