Shape Keys (aka Morphing) / Blender

Shape Keys (called Morphing in Verge3D) is a feature which allows you to modify mesh objects in real-time. The most common use case for this feature is creating parametric objects which can change their dimensions, shape, thickness, holes, profiles etc.


Setting Up

Blender shape keys are exported by default. Only Relative shape keys are supported.

Morphing in Blender


To animate shape keys in Verge3D, add keyframes for their Value parameter. The animation of shape keys works exactly the same as for any other animation parameter. You can run you playback at application start or use animation puzzles for that purpose.

Controlling via Puzzles

To manipulate your shape keys in real-time there are two puzzles: get morph factor and set morph factor.

For usage example, check out the Parametric Models demo (also available in the Asset Store).

See Also

You may also check out the following video explaining how to work with parametric objects in Verge3D.

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