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Making Progressive Web Apps with Verge3D

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    In an effort to further increase the value of my Verge3D projects and it’s critical importance in a production pipeline, I want to ask if the developers at Soft8Soft could make some options or ‘default’ files in a project to speed up the

    In Verge3Ds pursuit of the artist-friendly toolket, I’d be really interested to know whether Verge could provide and automate some of the standardised code and files for making a website available offline as a cached progressive web app with service worker etc. I have started my research but would not want to hurt my application by accident. I noticed, for instance, a manifest.json already exists in a project. Could some of the other necessary ingredients be provided? Perhaps this could be an option for users when creating a new application; a tickbox for ‘Enable Progressive Web Aplication Compatibility’.

    I searched on the forums, and found that nobody has started or mentioned such a topic, which surprised me. WOuld love to hear from anybody who has even had successful experience implementing this; maybe Yuri/Alex et.al can suggest this to me?

    Best wishes,


    This is quite an interesting topic. I’m going to add this feature to our TODO list for further consideration.

    Soft8Soft Tech Chief
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    Dear Alexander,

    Thank you for sharing my interest.

    At this early stage, I would suggest the following:

    – Make it an optional choice at app creation level, as I am guessing that it would be an increased v3d js file and so on, and like the code-based app option, it will not be everybody’s desire.
    – Digital Artists like myself would need to know some of the basics, such as how a user of an app
    -Verge would do something under the hood such as converting JPEGS to AVIFs and so on, perhaps. This was recommended to me by Chrome Lighthouse

    My understanding so far:
    – A user would visit a website with a verge3d element, and be given a ‘call to action’ to install the PWA
    – After this moment, the user will hopefully return to the application, especially given that it could

    Other questions from me:

    1. Is there any other future technology that is more current than PWA? In the same way that there is WebGL1 and WebGL2, is there another technology that might supercede it anyway? If not, that’s good news for Verge developers I guess, if this tech is still relevant for some years to come.

    2. Would webflow still be an optimal content / UI designer for PWA cases? Or would some of the code generated by it not be a PWA compliant? Perhaps I can share with you some of Google Chrome’s ‘Lighthouse’ analytics reports of my site which I tested.

    Benefits for Verge:
    Whilst I am not using Verge to design games such as Farmers Journey, I’m sure this kind of market would be very interested. Any application that is large in size too, not that it should be an excuse to not optimise your applications though of course.

    Eccomerce guys would probably be really interested in this to, right? An even simpler way to sell? Although this would of course be for ease, and nrequire internet connection by default.

    For myself, it would be great as a Digital Heritage Tool, so that museums could be more easily access an application which they can add to Apple Store / Google Play etc.

    Thanks again! Hope this can continue to be interesting.


    Also Alexander, I’d like to be able to put myself forward for any user testing on this topic. Or to share thoughts with you.

    Maybe we can discuss it some time?


    Dear Alexander,

    I also attach fro you my latest summary. Maybe there are performance aspects you can recommend regarding JS files and the webflow content, to make my app more efficient? And in time suitable as a PWA I hope?


    I have good news! PWA will be supported in Verge3D 4.6. Check out the preview build.

    Soft8Soft Tech Chief
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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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