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Html click events issue

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    Dear soft8soft team,

    your 3D solution is great. I downloaded your trial version to see if everything works form me.

    Issue: The html click event buttons do not work.

    Maybe I missed this info somewhere. Now is this due to my settings, or is it restrictions before the license? I put the buttons directly in the project html file “my_awesome_app.html”. These work in the app-manger, just not in the iframe.
    I tried other iFrames made with your Software which were functional.

    Thanks in advance for the answer. :mail:



    When html buttons don”t work it’s a problem in puzzles (in parent doc is not active, a wrong element id etc.) or in a wrong iframe src. Show your puzzle and app

    Puzzles and JS. Fast and expensive.


    I solved my Problem. It was a browser-cache issue. I just cleared the Pictures and Data in Cache.

    please excuse me, I may not have explained this accurately.
    still to round off the topic:
    The buttons were displayed both via app-manager (local) and via the iframe when I embed it somewhere.
    The only difference is that the function that triggers an event does not work in the iframe.

    On the Amazon server this was up to date, but the iframes were cached by the browser from the other hosts. :wacko:

    Thanks for answering :)
    with kind regards

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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