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How to achieve Click and Move functionality for 3d objects?

Home Forums General Questions How to achieve Click and Move functionality for 3d objects?

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    There’s a puzzle for drag moving 3d objects in the scene. But is there a way to move the objects by just clicking on it?

    Just a single click on the object, the object will get selected, and then as we move mouse freely, the selected 3d object will move with it in 3d space. Then if we click on some spot in the 3d scene 2nd time, the object will be left on that spot.

    In short, I want to achieve drag move functionality using only single click and movement of the mouse.

    Thanks in advance…:)


    Hi there,
    There are two puzzles that should do what you are asking if I am understanding your question correctly

    The first puzzle you need is When Dragged Over. For your purposes this sounds incorrect but it will work. Inside this puzzle place the DragMove puzzle inside the When Dragged Over puzzle.

    Set both of these puzzles object should be the object you want to click on and drag to move and place.

    Now if you want a different functionality…in that you want the object to be clicked and it move by following the mouse and not a drag, then you will have to use a combination of techniques using the When Clicked puzzle and then polling the canvas where the mouse/touch events are or using the get event property puzzle (https://www.soft8soft.com/docs/manual/en/puzzles/HTML.html#get_event_property) . Then have your object use those coordinates to animate the object to its new position using set object position puzzle.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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