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How can I add objects to the scene, and move them

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    Hello guys & Gals
    How do I go about this:
    I have a building in the scene, where I want to add windows or doors
    to it. Than move that window or door on the building to a desired position? can I use puzzle for this, or do I need javascript or some kind of plugin.
    Thanks tousand in advanced


    You will want to take a look at the Load Unload project example that comes with V3D if you are interested in loading in windows and doors.
    Otherwise, you can included them in your scene and hide them until needed.

    Moving can be done via animation in your 3D program, puzzles or JS.
    Depends on the objective and interactivity you need.

    If animated in your 3D program use the Animation/PlayAnimation puzzle.
    If you want to move your objects via puzzles use Objects/ Set, Get and Change to move an object. Inside a loop if you want it to be a visible animation otherwise it will just snap. You can do the same in JS.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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