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Falloff node or equivalent viewing angle effect

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    I’m following along with the blender beginner tutorial series as best as I can to get an understanding of using verge to make projects in 3ds max. I’m at the part where they use a viewing-angle effect on the background to make a lovely and interesting background effect. 3ds Max has a similar viewing-angle dependent effect using the “falloff” node, but it isn’t mentioned in the User Manual and does not seem to work at all. I was wondering if this was intentional and, if so, how it can be replicated at all without using the node? using viewing angle or fresnel in materials is a very useful tool for a great number of things like car paints or glass effects, not just backgrounds and would really suck to not have it at all.

    any help would be appreciated, thank you.


    Falloff node should be supported in Verge3D, however we intentionally did not mentioned it in the Manual since it does not supported in ART renderer. However you may try it with Scanline or Arnold (make sure you have the “Legacy 3ds Max Map Support” option enabled).

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    Thank you for the reply, could you provide some info on how to get it to work properly in that case? as I said i’m attempting to recreate the dynamic background from the blender basics tutorial but no matter what settings I use, when I preview it with “sneak peak” I cannot get it to create anything other than pure white, or pure black. Or it just comes out as a plain grey material. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Any updates on this issue?

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