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Exporting with blender addon

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    Hi, we are looking for a way for non-verge3d users to export a gltf from blender using only the open-sourced addon (https://github.com/Soft8Soft/verge3d-blender-addon) that will work with verge3d apps. Is this possible?

    Currently we seem close to getting it to work – there are a few python errors here and there and the exported scene seems slightly different (point lights are not exported correctly).

    Any tips on this topic would be greatly appreciated



    There are two different types of GLTF files. The GLTF 2.0 that many applications can export and there is a unique version created by the Verge3d Plugin. If I am not mistaken the exporter plugin you are referring to will create the generic GLTF 2.0 export based on the documentation of the plugin.

    I am interested in what you find out. The difference we have found were specific to the scene file, lights, camera, environment, etc. Basically, the only thing we found reliable was the object itself but this was with the prior version.

    It appears this has been recently updated so looking forward to what you uncover….please let us know.

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    Thanks for replying. As blender addons are always open source, should there not be a way to extract only the blender addon part that creates the verge3d gltf?

    Anyhow, will let you know once we have solved this, any tips from verge3d team would be helpful. Cheers!


    At least you will need a valid license for creating and publishing your Verge3D-app. That happens standalone outside of Blender and is not covered by blenders GPL. Verge3D is an independent software that works standalone.

    The exporter-addon itself should be under GPL licence, and indeed, you find the addon with the corresponding GPL licence in the folder /verge3d-blender-4.0.1/verge3d_blender/addons/verge3d

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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