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Engraved text to html text

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    Is there any puzzle which can help me to get a text that is written in my 3d scene to a html text box/ any other html tag?

    As shown in the Image below I saw an example on Verge3d assets shop. In this example the text written in Engrave text field box appears on the ring in the 3d scene after Engrave button is clicked, I want to reverse this. I want the name/ annotation in my 3d scene to appear in a html text area placed in my 3d scene when a button is clicked.

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    What you see in the viewport on the ring is a texture that was converted to a texture from the text input with the texture from text puzzle. It would be very difficult to reverse this without some sort of OCR or other text recognition.


    You are the second one who wants to read texts from textures in Verge3D apps. The answer is NO. You can generate textures from texts but you can’t read texts from textures. That text is just a normal map.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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