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Creating Large scale mobile game with Verge3D

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    Hello, I am attempting to create a large scale mobile game using verge 3D. The game will eventually be on iOS, android, and VR platforms in various app stores. It is not being made to play on web.

    The game places users in a 3D world, and they are tasked with exploring the world and finding all of the lost “sd cards”. These 3d objects prompt a full screen video overlay when collected, meaning there is about 15-17 minutes of video overlays that will be necessary in the game.

    I am closer to complete with the app than the starting point, but I have run into some substantial hurdles. I created a video “storyboard” and posted it on YouTube, the video takes viewers through the app, and lays out the issues I am having in a way I cannot here.

    I am looking for someone to help troubleshoot and fix these issues (can pay something). I have spent months combing the forums and other websites, but the answers people have given do not work, or it is just beyond me to implement them. This is my first time trying to create an app, so often the advice doesn’t make sense to me.

    If you are an expert at verge3d please comment and I can send the link as well as the document with all of my questions. Thank you so much.

    Key issues-
    Video planes
    counter puzzles
    timer puzzles
    save and load game puzzles
    app optimization
    texture issues

    —–I am paid verge3d customer——-


    Hi Jordan,
    Got your email this morning. There are many questions…but in a nut shell everything you are asking about can be done via puzzles and/or javascript.

    Will discuss in more detail via email.

    Route 66 Digital
    Interactive Solutions - https://www.r66d.com
    Tutorials - https://www.xeons3dlab.com

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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