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Copying Visual Logic Puzzle “Tabs” from .xml to .xml?

Home Forums General Questions Copying Visual Logic Puzzle “Tabs” from .xml to .xml?

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    I’ve got several separate “parts” of the same project that each have their own app directory / visual_logic.xml / blender file/ .gltf etc…

    Usually I’ll do this when I don’t want to load up the entire “main” project and wait while doing small experiments and testing while developing a certain “component” (not talking vue.js here).

    When that small separate part is done, I’ll merge them into the main project.
    Recently, those “parts” have gotten larger and more complex puzzles arrangements though.

    I’ve usually saved puzzles into the side library, then imported them. However, copying large amounts of separate procedure groups over cause issue with all the instances of their use being called in other puzzle groups/procedures, and is a very meticulous and troublesome process to work through.

    Is there a shortcut to this by simply cutting and pasting the raw .xml code from one to another in an easy method?

    I’ve mentioned how valuable “frames” would be like how you ctrl+J group nodes in blender. You could save those to the library, or even the option in the puzzles editor to save and load entire “Tabs”.

    Any help with this would be great!
    Thanks! :good:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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