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Controlling video playback with mouse wheel scroll

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    Hello everyone,

    I’m relatively new to Verge3D and currently working on a project where I want to control the playback of a video using the mouse wheel scroll, same as if where an animation. I’ve been struggling to implement this functionality, and I would greatly appreciate any guidance or advice from the community.

    Here’s what I’ve done so far:

    Replaced object texture with video.
    Set up the video texture, muted it, and specified a playback range.
    Tested the video playback to ensure it works correctly.
    Now, my goal is to enable the video playback to change when I scroll the mouse wheel, similar to how some websites handle scroll-based animations. When scrolling down, I want the video to play forward, and when scrolling up, I want it to play backward.

    I’ve tried using the “Mouse Wheel” event in Verge3D’s puzzle editor, but I’m having trouble calculating and controlling the playback time of the video based on the scroll delta.

    If anyone has experience with this specific functionality or can provide some guidance on how to approach this problem, I would be extremely grateful. Any suggestions, sample puzzles, or even pseudo-code would be helpful to get me on the right track.

    here the test.

    I think you guess, i want to render high quality 3d animations in a video or image sequence to be played on scrooll wheel. If i can, just take my 300 bucks now. :yahoo:

    Thank you in advance for your support.

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    i forgot: here is the link to the app


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    There is no way that I can conceive that this will work in puzzles exclusively using a video file. You can do this with a video file in javascript. If you have to use puzzles…depending on the length of your video, you might want to try creating a sprite sheet. You could then use that and tie the UV coordinates associated with each frame to a scroll distance.

    Route 66 Digital
    Interactive Solutions - https://www.r66d.com


    Ok thanks Xeon, i was thinking to use some procedural puzzles, but it seems the only way is coding in js and css trought custom js code.

    Thanks for your answer.

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