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Connect sound to an object

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    Hi there…i have a question

    Is it possible to connect a sound to an object…so when it passes by a camera you an hear it…..fading in and out depending to the distance to that camera?




    Well… you can simulate it.

    You may want to take this simple example and expand it by using a formula for sound level vs distance, but I just used a simple linear concept for this example.

    I also confined it to moving an object moving in a single axis. You could also define a radius from a given object if desired the concept is the same.

    I also decided that while the object was a distance less than 1 the volume would not be affected. I did this because dividing the volume by extremely low numbers would yield numbers greater than the starting volume which I did not desire.

    Unfortunately, Verge does not have spatial puzzles or panning ability. But you could add panning by running two different audio files for right and left and play the corresponding one depending on the relation to the object emitting sound.

    Scene setup.
    Can be any object…I used a cone.
    that’s all you need.
    Good Luck

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    Hi Xeon,

    thanks a lot…but thats not what i meant….

    I´ve got a scene where a car is driving around…..

    What I need is a possibility for the sound of the car
    fading in and out depending on the distance to the camera.




    You can measure the distance between camera and a camera and change sound’s volume according the distance. Here’s an example for you.

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    Hi Mikhail,

    thanks a lot……works fine

    I´ll send you the link to the project as sonn as íts done



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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