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AR Tracking issue

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    I’m trying to move an existing project of mine into AR. I simply want to mimic the Augmented Reality farmer demo with my model instead of the farmer. I have copied these puzzles almost exactly and merged the Indicator_Group geometry into my scene.

    When I test the farmer project on my Android phone it’s perfect (Attached image 1). When I test my project, the Indicator_Group appears massive and “above” my head (Attached image 2). I can’t see it on the ground where it should be. I don’t think the issue is the tracking, or my location, or my phone because the farmer demo is perfect.

    The only difference I can tell is the farmer demo is using Meters as the scene unit in Max, I am using Inches. Could this be the issue? Is there anything special with the camera in that project?

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    it’s possible that the issue connected with Max units. When you export you scene, any system unit you set becomes 1 meter in Verge3D. In most situations, it does not matter, but in case of “real” coorditate system provided by your AR hardware, it does.

    Also make sure you have no scale/offset set for your indicator object.

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    I believe the units turned out to be the issue. Setting these to Meters in Max causes the indicator object to behave normally. Thank you!

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