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Apps as Combine-able “Components” ie: Vue etc

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    This is something that’s been rolling around in the back of my mind awhile that I think would give an exponential level of power to the Verge3D ecosystem.

    As combining puzzle visual_logic.XML asp projects has proved fruitless as of yet, appending gltf scenes with their according visual_logic.JS files INTO other files would prove a boon to the current (and future) user base, as functional components for commonly used could be built and easily incorporated into user-built apps.

    As much as I am for open source, this could also create an enthusiastic micro-economy for said components.

    If someone could simply download, (through purchase, donation, or free) a ) a component for say, 3d object drag and drop functionality, or database parsing, complex material value configuring etc…

    Having the ability for Verge3D customers to EASILY incorporate these elements into their apps, I think, would instantly “level the playing field” as to what is the BEST 3D online package to choose for product configuration and thus, SALES.
    (Not to mention exponentially LESS forum product service requests)

    Possibly Vue-GL could play a part in this?

    I’m vested in sharing my personal findings of functional Blender/Verge3D tis-bits knowledge.

    It would be a million times more successful for anyone involved, if what I’ve described was a future reality.

    …I think it would be a very good choice to make a decision to make development in that direction a priority.

    I also think a great many people would agree! :yes:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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