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Any users want to share combined verge3D with code examples 3d?

Home Forums Programming Any users want to share combined verge3D with code examples 3d?

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    Sorry for the confusion. Since every v3d app contains all the necessary files to rebuild itself as an app in the app manager. All that is needed is a script that takes the locally saved files and puts them into a folder structure to replicate the application. Then the only thing you need to do to turn any verg3d application that is online at any website is to run the application online while the script is running in the background. It basically takes all the downloaded files and just stores them locally and organizes them for playback in the App Manager.

    I do this now with any V3d project I see that is of interest. I do it manually. I guess if I ever get around to doing it more frequently I will just write a script.

    But since all the code is stored locally on your computer when you run the application it’s not hard to then move that into a folder. You can then pull it up in the app manager and you can review the puzzles, look at the 3d scene…everything is there. All the CSS, javascript, – even plugins… it’s all there.

    So my point is once a person publishes an app all the data and everything you need is saved locally after running the application on your computer. Minification and obfuscation can make it more difficult but it still works. I am even surprised that in many cases, the 3d assets are also on the server unprotected and can be retrieved by just sending a request…but that’s another topic.

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Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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