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Another new on the edge project

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    Hi Guys,

    I´ve uploaded may latest new project…its called Future City

    To have a look at it you need to have rather “Beefy” Hardware…

    At least a Quadcore PC with at least 16 GB of Ram and a at least 6 GB
    Graphic Card……

    It runs best on Google Chrome an takes about 5-6 Minutes to load.
    It takes this Long because the starting scene compiles all ove the shaders….But once loaded it runs fine at about 30 Fr/ second

    It is a futuristic city scenery with 3 diffrent cameras….
    A first person camera where you can walk about…a camera that runs with the shuttle and a camera in side the shuttle…
    You can also change the light settings from day to night and start another spacecraft to fly around und land again..

    The project has almost 800.000 polygons….all of them low poly.
    its has 16 light…..and 89 objects.

    Most of the textures are baked as well as the shadows….except for those of animated objects….

    It has 308 textures with a total amount of 34 MB….some of them upto 2K…..

    Hope you enjoy it…





    Impressive work, as always! :good: :good: :good: You can try to decrease the size of shadow maps from 4k to 2k. It should speed up rendering.

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    Hi Yuri…i Know…i tried that but it doesn´t look as good as i like it to be…..It only 1 light with a 4 K shadow map…..and …the light that casts shadow on the floor….and its not all objects that cast these shadows….so yes it takes some time to load….but i think its worth while…since this is not a commercial project….its fine for me

    Do you know when the 4.2 version of verge is going to be released..
    I ask this because of the attenuation bug…which is really important for my work…




    It works, looks good, but it takes over 6Gb of the video memory an near 16 Gb of RAM. RDR2 consumes much less resourses )))

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    Hi kdv77kdv….

    what is RDR2?…..Do you mean Red Dead Redemption 2?

    If so i don´t understand why do you compare it with my project?



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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