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Affordable license for personal use, for freelancers and sole proprietorships.

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Verge3D Personal is an affordable license for freelancers and sole proprietorships.

By acquiring this license you also obtain the access to Verge3D Network, a distributed hosting and sharing platform. We provide 10Gb of storage space and 10Gb of monthly traffic for free. Verge3D apps can be self-hosted as well.

Apart from this one-time license fee, there are no any additional per-customers charges. The license includes maintenance updates throughout the year, the subscription for which can be optionally prolonged for reduced price. You can familiarize yourself with the terms of the Verge3D EULA here.

Please notice that your customers cannot be your employers at the same time! For example, if you are employed in some company, consider purchasing a Team or an Enterprise license instead.

After completing your order, the license key information will be sent to you in a email.

3 reviews for Verge3D for Blender:
Personal License

  1. Will Welker
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Will Welker

    When it comes to 3D web development, I think our options are very limited. A vast industry has grown up around a 2D internet. At this point, very few web developers are using any kind of 3D authoring software to build websites or web apps. There are some great 3D WebGL based JavaScript platforms but they are only accessible to programmers. There are also some good 3D model hosting platforms that allow direct upload of a simple model but they are very limited in what you can do with your scene. With Verge3D, an artist can export their scene from Blender (more platforms coming) to the three.js engine with no coding required.
    I chose Verge3D for the following reasons:

    Export your scene directly from Blender to HTML
    Utilizes the already powerful three.js engine
    Visual coding blocks for basic app logic
    Unlimited JavaScript coding with the three.js library
    No licensing requirements to deploy your app to a client’s site
    Builds full featured, interactive web applications

    While still in its early production, with the latest release, Verge3D has reached a point that I am able to start work on production level projects.
    Have a look at a recent video introduction I did on this platform.
    Verge3DIntro Video

    To give you an idea what the Puzzle logic is capable of, here is part of a real project I am working on:

  2. Aubrey Smith
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Aubrey Smith (verified owner)

    I have not been this excited about 3d on the web since the original web3d boom 15 years ago when I developed on Cult3d!! It’s sad that it has taken this long to find something that is worthy to bring it into the modern age and definitely think this tool is feature rich, powerful and of the quality to bring this into fruition.
    Good on you guys and please keep up the awesome work!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    mfhengineering (verified owner)

    As a 3D artist and non-programmer, I did wait already 5 years for an app like this, so I was very happy to find the Verge3D solution last month. (thanks to
    At the moment I embed 3D sketchfab-models to web-shops and I think Verge3D will be a big advantage here.
    My first test project went very well, the software is well integrated into Blender and the support of Verge3D was great! Helpful answers from Yuri and Mikhail and a very quick response!

    The next step for me is product price calculation and a good integration with standard web-shop software.
    I can’t wait!

    My first verge3D test project:

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