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    I need an introduction webm video (2 people cut out with transparency) to start immediately after scene start. putting the texture onto the card works but the video don’t start. Letting the scene load into the puzzle editor and then pressing the green scene play button let it start as intended, it only don’t work after scene loading.
    Creating a “wait for x seconds” puzzle to start it staggered also don’t work.

    Is there any event or action I can wait for to know when Verge is ready to play videos?
    Or is this a bug?


    Try activating it once the final element of your scene is loaded world be an obvious start, but I’m sure you’ve tried that.

    Possibly separate your main object into a separate gltf file, then append that main object, then once that’s loaded, do your video?


    Or Verge3D could simply do what it’s told to do as soon as it’s executed the other things in que instead of ignoring code.


    Videos can be played only on user interraction with the scene (on click or touch). This is browser limitations.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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