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VR image texture clipping glitch

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    Thomas Fabini

    On an Oculus Quest 2 there are white lines / borders appearing around textures mapped to a plane. They appear on the Oculus browser, regardless weather VR mode is active or not. On a desktop browser the lines don’t show.

    After many hours of trial an error I’ve traced the problem being related to the setup of the texture in blender: As long as a texture is set to ‘repeat’ the lines don’t show, but if ‘clip’ is set, they appear.

    I’d really like to know if it’s a limitation related to the way the Quest 2 renders WebXR or if it’s something which could be maybe addressed within the Verge3d?

    Since there are no HTML overlays in VR I’m basically using 3D-planes to build the interface and combining multiple clipped images in node setups which reduces the number of required objects (planes).

    I’ve attached a small demo with a clipped and non-clipped image on planes.


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