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    I tried following the instructions for VR Development using Blender from here: https://www.soft8soft.com/docs/manual/en/introduction/AR-VR-development.html

    But I couldn’t find the puzzle pieces for some of the items shown there, like the:
    1. [ VR ] piece
    2. [ Enter AR Button ] piece
    3. and the [ enter VR mode … ] which includes […hover to click after ]
    4. and the [ Infinity ] piece that should be attached to it

    Also, could you include where the pieces could be found so that it’s easier to follow the instructions in the manual?

    I wonder if my v3d version is different than the one featured in the manual… so I think it would be good to mention which version is being used, too, in the instructions/ manual.

    I’m using Blender and I hope to be able to test the AR with my iPhone and utilise the Chrome Browser as I’ve seen in the manual.

    Looking forward to your responses/ help! :)

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    i got same problem with you.
    i can’t found […hover to click after ] in vr mode (verge3D 3.7.1 vr).

    Maybe the staff can help us to fix it! thank you before


    i can’t found […hover to click after ] in vr mode (verge3D 3.7.1 vr).

    Sorry, this feature was removed lately.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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