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GLTF and USDZ exporters issue with AO map

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    Verge3D plugin for Blender ignores texture scaling and cannot export AO map for “glTF 2.0 compatible” material. But it’s possible via the built-in “glTF 2.0” exporter. And it works good. Materials look exactly like MeshNodeMaterial. Combined with the compressed geometry a mesh can be loaded really fast https://v3d.net/bec

    But when exported to GLTF via puzzles it looks a little different )))

    Nearly the same story with the USDZ exporter. Looks a little more funny )))

    Any chance that these exporters will be fixed to apply AO map properly?


    we’ll take a look! :good:

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    Looks like the only way for now is using textures without tiling
    The AO map is always tiled as the diffuse map in the Quick Look…

    One more way is creating a tiled canvas before exporting to USDZ. But it encreases the file size significantly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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