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Verge3D 3.8 pre4 available!

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    The 4th preview build for Verge3D 3.8 is out! It brings Reflection Plane light probes in Blender, a new Maya node, performance alerts, upgraded demos, and various optimizations. Check it out:

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter



    You can now use light probes of Reflection Plane class, for which we supported all the settings offered by Blender. As a result, you can now implement real-time mirrors or floor reflections!

    See how it works in the updated Load Unload demo.

    We have upgraded the Floor constraint – it now works with inclined surfaces, thanks to the Use Rotation option supported.

    See what Blender constraints and options are available for use with Verge3D in this doc page.

    The graphics quality of the Ring demo was improved with refraction. Also the auto-rotation feature was added.

    We added a new setting to the Object Properties panel, named Fix Ortho Zoom. You can use it to make your ortho camera properly work with objects parented to it, so that they don’t move when the user zooms the camera.

    We fixed the bug with incorrectly working Sensor Fit / Auto introduced in a previous preview build.

    3ds Max-specific

    The graphics quality of the Ring demo was improved with refraction. Dynamic text is used to show the price. Also the auto-rotation feature was added.


    The Global Illumination demo previously available for Blender and 3ds Max Verge3D flavors was ported to Maya.

    We also ported the Ring demo to Maya.

    The colorCorrect node is now supported with all its settings.

    Other improvements

    The print performance puzzle (or P-P-P quick keys) now outputs potentially problematic issues in regard to performance. For example, on the screenshot below, the shadow map appears to be too big (4k) which may result in slower rendering.

    We optimized the engine performance on Intel hardware thanks to using a simplified sRGB conversion technique in WebGL shaders.

    We also optimized the file size of the engine runtime (v3d.js) thanks to removing unused JS code and shaders.

    We improved the quality of FXAA when HDR rendering is enabled.

    The limit constraint and copy constraint puzzles now have options distance and transform respectively.

    Ray casting (used in when clicked, when hovered and ray cast puzzles) now works significantly faster for batched objects (obtained by applying the batch geometry puzzle) thanks to using acceleration structures.

    We improved the stability of HiDPI rendering.

    We fixed the puzzle add annotation – the name field now works properly in all cases.

    We fixed engine crashes on older versions of iOS 11-12. Also the USDZ exporter now properly works on iOS 12-13.

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter


    As usual, you can get the preview bundle from the downloads page! Let us know how it works for you!

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter


    Fantastic! :yahoo:
    Reflection Plane Light Probe support is such a great addition!
    Thanks, thanks, thanks :rose:
    :bye: Simone


    So cool!
    Is it possible to provide an uncompressed version of v3d.module.js, which will help programmers understand the API :heart:


    Thx for the raycasting fix, can confirm that it works great.
    Performance drop before was 119fps, now only 10fps.



    -Reflection planes seem not to work well with reflection probes, my whole scene goes black (darker) even if I refresh the lightprobes?

    • This reply was modified 1 year, 5 months ago by Avier3D.

    Great additions…cant wait for final.

    Route 66 Digital
    Interactive Solutions - https://www.r66d.com

    Lijun Ma


    It seems that the “Fix Ortho Zoom” option did not work, the ortho camera zoom still lead to the position change of the child element. Is my understanding wrong?

    Also, when drag a unfocus comment box will still lead the puzzles editor to crash. Check it here.

    • This reply was modified 1 year, 5 months ago by Lijun Ma.

    Nice work guys, i hope the reflexion plane will be soon also for 3dsmax.

    "1+1=3... for large values of 1"


    i have shaders that rely on reflection that are not appearin (scene goes black) now with this update.



    Thanks for your feedback, guys!

    : Can you provide more details on this issue? Basic scene that reproduces this behavior would be fine.

    : Please try to Clear Parent Inverse for your object, also check out the browser console for possible issues. Regarding comments in puzzles, we assigned a high priority tag for this task. Will try to fix it soon.

    : Sure thing! We’ll try to get this done before the final release.

    : Feel free to provide the code!

    Verge3D’s Tech Chief
    FB | Twitter | VK

    Lijun Ma

    @alexander-kovelenov: Ah, figured out the ortho camera issue, I just notice it yet! Thanks very much!

    Also, no need to hurry about the comments issue, I think it’s a rare usage scenario. We use this feature to help customers, but switch to advanced comment puzzles now.



    Thanks for your feedback, guys!

    : Can you provide more details on this issue? Basic scene that reproduces this behavior would be fine.

    I just tried to get the same problem within the load-unload model, but I can’t replicate it. But the load-unload looks fantastic with reflection probes and animated lights with shadows!

    I’m happy to (privately) show the issue, it’s happening on a client’s product that I can’t publish here .


    Thanks for the quick fix for the USDZ exporter, it’s working well now!

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