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    Good morning, I was told by email that I should post my question here on the forum to get some help from the developers/community, so please find bellow the email that I wrote:


    First of all I love your product, I have been using for few weeks for my dental business and it is awesome.

    However I have a little privacy concerne: The models that I upload on your platform are including very sensitive personnal information about my patients, and the links that are generated by your software are containing only 3 different character (ex: https://v3d.net/XXX ).
    I did enter random characters and ended up on some random project from other users quite easily.

    I was wondering if it was possible to generate links with maybe 6 characters to decrease the linkelyhood of randomly finding our links.

    Or maybe you have another idea on how to protect our links from the public?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you and have a great day!



    You can use own web server to keep your patients’ privacy and protect your links from the public.

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    Ok thanks, is there a “how to” guide somewhere that I could use to set this up please?


    Hi Quentin,

    Sure, you can create longer links by going to https://v3d.net/ and clicking the Link Options button.

    You can also implement a simple password protection in your app as shown here.

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    Thank you, Yuri, for the link on the password protection using promt and while loop, I had forgotten about that.

    Exactly what I was in need of today. I also needed to expand the login to multiple users and different passwords without the need for html authoring.

    The dictionary used will of course be an external file, this just for example if the OP might find it useful

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