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User-configured scene in iOS AR?

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    Hi Verge,

    we are using configured scenes for our customers via puzzles = hiding/showing objects and changing materials on those. We have some GUI for that.

    We can then display those user-configured scenes via Android AR functionalty in Verge 3D without major issues.

    For IOS we are using USDZ support which, in my opinion, does not allow any dynamic changes on the fly, i.e. we would have to create all possible combinations of all the configurations and then allow user to display that specific combination.

    I have found that there is some experimental support for cross-platform WebAR here via Three.ar.js (is it supported?)

    Is there any way how we can:
    a) configure product via puzzles
    b) display that (configured) product in IOS AR?

    thank you very much in advance,

    Petr from Precismo


    I’m on the same boat and I was about to post the same question….


    The USDZ exporter (as well as the technology itself) has limited functionality compared to full-featured WebGL rendering provided by Verge3D/glTF. However, you changing materials, textures and colors should work (provided they all are glTF compatible).

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    Thank you Alexander, will definitely try it out.


    I found out the only way to make this work was to wrap the “if feature available IOS” code into a click event, for example see attached.
    I suspect otherwise the export of the scene is not refreshed with the latest data.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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