glTF Materials (glTF 2.0-compliant PBR) / Blender

If your content needs to be compatible with glTF 2.0 standard for some reason, you can use simple material setup based on the Principled BSDF shader node.

Setting up

Add the Princlipled BSDF shader node to your material and enable the glTF 2.0 compatible checker located on the Verge3D Settings panel.

You can connect texture nodes to the Princlipled BSDF node as described below. Note that all textures are optional and any of them can be safely omitted.

You can also use the Alpha input to tune your material transparency.

To see the preview of the Principled BSDF shader in the Blender viewport, you can set the display method of the 3D View to Rendering or just preview your scene in Verge3D with the Sneak Peak button on the same panel.

Exporting Textures from Substance Painter

To facilitate exporting textures from Substance Painter and to ensure maximum capabilities within the Verge3D engine we recommend using Verge3D export preset.

Place this preset file to the export-presets folder usually located in the *My Documents\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter\shelf\* folder (create if not).

When exporting textures from Substance Painter, choose Verge3d for Blender the export dialog window so that all generated textures are compatible with the glTF 2.0 standard Verge3D is based on.

Got Questions?

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