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Update of my architecture project

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    Hi guys,

    i´ve updated my architecture project….knowing what i know now

    First of all the loading time is extensively less now at my PC…..loaded from the internett
    with an empty cache…Before it was 2 minutes…now a little less than 1 minute…
    locally even only 17 seconds

    Before it had 21 light….now it has no lights except for environment map..which is only a quite small JPG……All of the lighting effects…Ambient occlusion etc is in the Textures now…
    The shaders are far less complex…..

    At the first loading only the really visible parts in the starting camera are loaded….which is all except for the furniture etc in the first and second floor….These parts are loaded as GLTF´s as soon as it swaps to the first person camera…….

    Which suprised me most was the fact that the real time refections work on the inside windows of the first and second floor even though these objects were not loaded at the first loading…..i found out that as long as the afterwards loaded GLTF Files have the same name in the selection groups for the Verge reflection planes as in teh originally loaded GLTF it works fine……





    By the way…..the reason why i started to split rhe 3D data in to more than 1 GLTF file was….

    After installing the latest version of Verge……3DMax crashed evertime i saved it as a GLTF File
    without any warning….This did not happen withe the Version 4.4,,,,
    Maybe there is some kind of bug in the latest version of he Max plugin….to me it feels like
    some kind of limit to the amout of polygons or objects when saving….




    loaded after 15 min for me but when it did it looked great! :good: good job with moving elevators and doors.

    Feel free to send us the .max file so that we can debug the crash issue.

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter


    HI Yuri..

    really 15 min….Hard to believe…of course as you know my machine is quite Beefy..
    But still…..It loads best with google Chrome….and realy oevr the Internett within
    1 Min…locally eve only 17 seconds…..How is the PC you tried it with equiped with hardware?

    The Max File is quite Big as you can imagine….I´ll zip it and send it over……

    What is the best way to send it to you…being quite Big?




    It appears the prolonged loading relates to slow bandwidth between your server and my computer. The overall size is about 250Mb to load (asset compression could help somewhat). It loads much faster for you probably because of browser caching and geographic proximity to the server.

    As of the file you could upload to it to Google Drive or similar service and email us the link.

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter



    We looked into the files you sent us. Can you try to close 3ds Max first, and then delete the following folder from the Verge3D installation directory?

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter


    3-5 minutes. Architektur_A.bin is never cached and is loaded rather slowly (~10 Mbit/s) if you are not in Germany :unsure:

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    Hi Yuri,

    i could delete this directory….but are the files not needed?




    these files are automatically recreated. We believe the old Python cache files cause this issue

    Chief 3D Verger | LinkedIn | Twitter

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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