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Strange issue with App manager

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    I am facing a strange issue with App manager.
    What all I need is – How do I edit the first triggering file name from app manager. App manager has chosen wrong starting file automatically. I don’t know how & why it chooses another file name automatically.

    Explanation –
    I am working on one file with same name as seen “Z Basic.html” for some reason I renamed it t index.html on the other machine and edited some code in html. When I pasted back to the same foulder; the app manager automatically picked up index.html & not the “Z Basic.html”.

    The next problem is – puzzle editor doesn’t work with index.html & app manager doesn’t work with hydraulic winch.html.
    Check the screenshot

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    Hi visualizer,

    the name ‘index.html’ has a special meaning for the App Manager which considers such a file as ‘the main’ HTML file of the application. The Puzzles won’t work with it too. ;-)

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    got it!
    Meanwhile I found that, after renaming the file to original name & refreshing the app manager it automatically picked up the original name.

    accidental learning lol :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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