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    I have only used Verge 3D for few hours and already hooked! I like the simplicity and really want to find out more.

    I am thinking to make some kind of “interactive app” that basically react to my input from iPhone X via OSC or something.

    For now, I need to find out a simple interaction like to be able to create setup like this:
    Slider with attribute 0 – 1 to control Shape Key blends of Object just like morphing shape keys inside Blender.

    What would be the easiest to perform this interaction?

    So far, I can do click that trigger animation of shape keys. But wonder if actual “driver” and “driven” can be easily setup in Verge 3D.

    So eventually I would like to be able to have Slider to control “Action” animation. Or to have bunch of values (interactive) to control bunch of shapes.

    This Verge 3D is promising.


    Thanks for your interest and kind words. Alas for now this can only be done with programming. We’ll think on implementing some puzzles for that.

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    Slider to control “Action” animation.
    Would be great! :yahoo:


    yeah, this question was asked one year ago. Now we can answer you can use HTML Puzzles for that.

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    Wow sounds great. Might there be any examples in the future?


    Yeah, we’ll think about making an example/demo for sliders.
    In the meantime, you can check out this tutorial https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_rangeslider.asp
    You can use the HTML puzzle get attrubute to retrieve its value.

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    Thanks! :)


    Yeah, we’ll think about making an example/demo for sliders….

    Thanks Yuri! :bye:


    Hi Enzyme69,
    Something tells me that you were a WireFusion user, back in early 2000’s, were you ?

    Wirefusion was a great tool : mixing 2D and 3D as simple as a Wysywyg tool, nodal “output-input” coding system… i miss it a lot !

    Verge3D is quite close to that, but too often we need to put hands in the code, and i can’t do that.

    So a slider puzzle would be great !

    "1+1=3... for large values of 1"


    I started doing an example with Google web designer. GWD offers a ready-to-use slider component. You can retrieve its value with puzzles, and then display it as in my example or use in a 3D scene.

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    I did a test .. but there is some error. For example, when you hover the mouse over the sliders without doing anything, the model changes:



    check my example attached in the post above. It uses a special event “input” that was added in 2.11.1 update

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    How to affect the movement of an object using the slider? Now when you drag the slider, the animation plays completely, no matter how much the slider moves.


    any one can give me sample of made puzzle how to connect the slider to change scale?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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