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Reducing blend file and .bin size

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    In your former applicatins that come with verge3d like the Ring . THE BLEND FILE IS LESS THAN 1MB AND THE OVERALL FILE SIZE IS NOT UP TO 4MB, I have tried the LZMA2 compression and i cant achieve that great difference , my blend file and .bin are usually around 50-60 mb. Please how can I reduce my blend file to less than 5mb


    Hi HHushH….
    The blend file, depending on how you are saving it can be very light, under 1MB or heavy in the 100’s of MB or larger. In most cases the size of the blend file is related to the textures sizes, not the actual model itself. Be sure to CleanUp your scene file and remove unnecessary geometery, materials, textures, etc. and of course be sure to compress it.

    .Bin files are large and bloated which is why compression is needed. The .bin.xz files are typically half the size. If you are running your app in compressed mode…you don’t need the .bin files or the .gltf…just keep the .xz

    Is it possible to have a 50MB .bin…oh ya…I have had some much larger…in those cases…you need to break up your scene or remesh it to get it lower depending on your target devices and browsers. Good luck.

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    These are ate key factors in future of verge 3d to be focused anyhow.

    what you say is correct.

    I had suggested long back to V3D developer team that, since verge is a pretty good tool it must also include the LOD based or progressive loading of huge scenes so that users patience doesn’t break.
    Its all about studying your competition & building your product.

    Sketchfab has implemented this LOD long back. No matter how large the scene is it loads a low poly set first and when user starts exploring it out it keeps on adding details into it and reaches to final detailed scene. This approach could be a potential mile stone in V3D case.
    But I m not sure whether they are thinking of this or not.

    This at least removes the initial headache of too much concern of file size optimization…. at least till few more MBs than current constraint.


    I’m glad someone else has noticed this too. Exploring a sketchfab file of comparative/more complexity to a file of mine made my customer confused as to why his product I am delivering for him is not as nicely optimised.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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