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Puzzles for tween camera, click to, and sound not working.

Home Forums Puzzles Puzzles for tween camera, click to, and sound not working.

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    Initially when I began this project the click to tween camera puzzle was working fine. I am not sure why it stopped working all of a sudden. It is supposed to cause you to arrive at specific empties if you click the cubes floating above them. I also will be adding sounds upon clicking.

    I haven’t been able to get any of the sounds to work ever.

    Attempted fixes ( on top of reading many forums):

    Delete old application and start new one. Restart application puzzles from scratch and append blender collections from old project file to new.

    Uninstall verge 3d and reinstall.

    Update project as it was made in 3.9 and I installed 4.0

    Uninstall 4.0 and try 3.0 again.

    I attached the folder below. Its a dumbed down version of where I want to take the project with puzzles, and I was going to pay to get the official verge license if I could get it working but I cannot seem to.

    Thanks in advance for any help, and my apologies in advance if it is something simple I am missing.



    the “look at” field in your “tween camera” is empty so these puzzles are simply ignored.

    As of sounds, there is a 404 error “file not found” (as printed in the browser console – press F12)

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    Thank you. I thought if “look at” is left empty the camera would stay oriented the same and fly to the object.

    As for sound, am I supposed to host it elsewhere or just in the application folder on my cpu? I’m not sure why the file cannot be found, I downloaded the verge free apps and followed the same folder structure for sounds.

    In the user manual it says sounds take awhile to load and to put them in the init tab. Does that mean it loads them while the user loads the app?

    Again apologies, being new to coding its often hard to know the terminology I am reading, or the wording to search the exact issues.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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