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Problem with video button

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    Hi all, i’m facing an issue that i’m not able to solution.

    I have a screen with a button, that when it’s pressed launches a video and when the video is finished (using “after X seconds do” puzzle) replace the screen with and image.

    Until here everything works as it is supposed to.

    But what if i want to press again the video button and start the video again? The “after X seconds do” screws the video playing again…

    How do i reset that time to 0 again, so video plays again properly?

    Any example?

    Thanks in advanced,



    Create a toggling flag

    in your startup script add
    set myvideo_variable_flag = 0

    Then in your onclick add a conditional statement
    If myvideo_variable_flag=0
    — start my video
    — set myvideo_variable_flag=1
    — AFter x seconds
    — replace texture
    — set myvideo_variable_flag=0
    end if

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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