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Problem with model display under Windows

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    I am developing a product configurator and before launching it I’ll be doing tests on the maximum number of platforms I can have access to. I’m using Verge 3D for Blender 3.91 under MacOS and I had success on MacOS with Chrome, Safari and Firefox. It also performs well under iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android.

    The problem arises when I use a real Windows machine. Although it is a laptop with dedicated 3D graphics card and with “good performance” as stated by WebGL System Report page, the model doesn’t show (only metallic parts appear although not correctly textured). Curiously, when I test the configurator under a real Windows 10 installation through BootCamp on my MacBook everything works well. Attached you can find the correct expected result and the problematic one under real Windows. Could you please help me with this issue?

    Thanks a lot!


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    From the second picture it looks like it may be a shader crash. Can you check the browser console to see if it shows any errors?

    Co-founder and lead developer at Soft8Soft.


    Hi Ivan. Here is the output at Chrome’s console:

    Verge3D 3.9.1 for Blender (Trial, WebGL 2.0)
    v3d.js:352 — Verge3D Performance Profile (1s) —
    v3d.js:352 Scene Loading Time: 2888ms
    v3d.js:352 Asset Compression: yes
    v3d.js:352 FPS: 49
    v3d.js:352 Render Calls: 22
    v3d.js:352 Triangles Rendered: 170026
    v3d.js:352 Geometry Buffers: 22
    v3d.js:352 HDR Rendering: no
    v3d.js:352 Viewport Resolution: 766×700
    v3d.js:352 Pixel Ratio: 1 (current) / 0.8333333730697632 (device)
    v3d.js:352 Image-Based Lighting: Light Probe + Cubemap 512px
    v3d.js:352 Lights: 1
    v3d.js:352 Reflection Probes: 0 (cube) / 0 (plane)
    v3d.js:352 Post-Processing: Render,Copy/Other
    v3d.js:352 Shadow Map: N/A
    v3d.js:352 Materials and Shaders: 8
    v3d.js:352 Material_0 – MeshNodeMaterial – 3.4ms
    v3d.js:352 01 – Alpine White – MeshNodeMaterial – 0.7ms
    v3d.js:352 14 – minau – MeshNodeMaterial – 0.3ms
    v3d.js:352 metal pés – MeshNodeMaterial – 0.1ms
    2v3d.js:352 Verge3D_Environment_EasyHDR – MeshNodeMaterial – 0ms
    v3d.js:352 BackgroundCubeMaterial – ShaderMaterial – 0ms
    v3d.js:352 System Material – ShaderPass – 0ms
    v3d.js:352 Total Render Time: 4.5ms
    v3d.js:352 Textures & Render Buffers: 10
    v3d.js:352 Wood017_2K_Color.png.001 – Texture – 1024×1024
    v3d.js:352 Material_0_normal.jpeg – Texture – 1024×1024
    v3d.js:352 Material_0_baseColor.jpeg – Texture – 1024×1024
    v3d.js:352 Material_0_metallicRoughness.png – Texture – 1024×1024
    v3d.js:352 cayley_interior_1k.exr – Texture – 1024×512
    v3d.js:352 N/A – WebGLRenderTarget – 1024×1024
    v3d.js:352 EffectComposer.rt1 – WebGLRenderTarget – 766×700
    v3d.js:352 EffectComposer.rt2 – WebGLRenderTarget – 766×700
    2v3d.js:352 N/A – WebGLRenderTarget – 512×512

    Thank you.


    It will be better to use Verge3D 4.0 pre4 or you can also wait for the official release of Verge3d 4.0.

    Verge3D Developer


    Hi Nurgeldi.

    The display issue under Windows was solved using 4.0-pre version.

    Thanks for the tip!

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